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We believe that people relocate to cities for growth and development and to make their dreams come true. VisitMyPad wants to help make your moving to San Diego or moving to Los Angeles less stressful by providing various personal assitant moving services in Southern California.

Moving cities is expensive, and we want to provide and contribute to the excitement of moving to San Diego or moving to Los Angeles by assigning you a local neighborhood expert to advise you and provide personal assistant moving services.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” 

Frequently asked Questions

A neighborhood expert is a partner to VisitMyPad that has lived in their region longer than 5 years.  Our partners can be realtors or individuals that want to help people like you and know the city and its neighborhoods. They will give you the lowdown on neighborhoods, and be your first friend in your new city by the time your done working with them!

We want to talk to you first! Select “Initial Discovery Call” it is free, so we can learn about your relocation plans.

We don’t charge money to start and do not ask for personal information mostly want to find out about YOU and when your moving!

You will get charged for services with VisitMyPad after we have our initial consultation that we discuss what your wants and needs are in helping with  you moving to San Diego or moving to Los Angeles dates. After that discussion we will send you a contract and or questionnaire once you complete those and send to us then we will invoice you with PayPal with the price according to the services you want.

You will receive and email with a contract and directions on the next steps. Once you submit that completed contract that’s when we will assign a local neighborhood expert.

Your neighborhood expert will have 24 Hours to complete your request from when we receive it from you. It’s important that you are available via email or phone for your neighborhood expert to make rental property appointments and be in touch with you. The contract has more details on what-if scenarios.

The contract we send to you requires rental property visit information, and if you selected for us to find you rental properties you would also receive a detailed questionnaire about your living preferences; therefore, you completing this information the contract and survey you are requesting service.


If you purchase and never submit information and decided you didn’t want to work with us we will refund your money.

Once you select the price package you have an option to upgrade before we do any visits or find any rental properties at no additional cost.

If you want to have, us view another property outside your package once we have started working your case and have emailed you with your results any work additional of the package is a charge of $175.00/property.

Because it is stressful and difficult finding rental properties if you live in San Diego or if you live in Los Angeles or anywhere in between, let alone if your trying to do this from another city!

Our personal moving assistant will provide you with peace of mind and save you money! You won’t get surprises from renting by just going by pictures.  You also eliminate your chances of being scammed for money.

What neighborhood should you move to? Find out with this quiz! Free Neighborhood Consultation