Personal Moving  Assitant Service for out of town property rental seekers

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 VisitMyPad helps people moving to San Diego by matching them with a local neighborhood expert to provide personal moving assistant services such as live video visit any San Diego rental property and its surrounding San Diego neighborhood.

 It’s not a virtual tour it’s a live video visit where out of town renters can view any rental property live via engaging conversation with your San Diego Neighborhood expert who will give an honest, unbiased opinion of the San Diego rental property, San Diego neighborhood, answer any questions you may have about moving to San Diego.  


    Any Property Rental You Found

    One Live Video Video Visit


Customized Pre-Visit Plan  for your San Diego Research Visit




 VisitMyPad Finds Two Rental Properties

  You find up to Three Rental Properties

5 Live Video Visits with your Neighborhood Expert


Fly into San Diego and have your Neighborhood Expert pick you up at airport and take you to the five properties.



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Rental Scam Protection

Peace of Mind.  Live video view allows you to see real time. Don't get scammed by strategic pictures of otherwise unattractive property rentals. Don't wire money for keys without viewing your  property rental.  Request an appointment. Read about scams on VisitMyPad blog.

Save Time

Time is money!  Save your vacation time or paid time off for relaxing not flying to San Diego or Socal to look at places to rent.  Now you can make appointments to view any rental property in San Diego through Los Angeles from whatever city you're currently living.

Saves you money.  You don't need to fly out in advance to check out your new city.  Save money on flights, hotel, car rentals. Those relocating costs add up.   Save that money for moving van, moving your vehicle costs, security deposits.

Save Money

Gives you informative information on the  San Diego and SoCal neighborhood and rental property you're looking to live in. Learn if it's safe if it's near your social interests if it's near your work. Gives you a livability report where you can request specific items to inspect of your rental property. 

Local Neighborhood Expert Perspective


This One!

VisitMyPad Finds One Rental Property 

You Find  up to Two Rental Properties 

3 Live Video Visits with your Neighborhood Expert