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Living in San Diego and the Cost of Living in San Diego…The Truth 2018!

Living in San Diego and the Cost of Living in San Diego…The Truth 2018!
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My 2018  Living in San Diego Experience and Cost of Living in San Diego Factors. What its Like to Live in San Diego in the GIG Economy!

I accidentally lived a case study on living in San Diego very CHEAPLY. The first 6 months of this year 2018, I lived on SIDE HUSTLES. Being an entrepreneur your money from the business goes back to the company and you still have bills to pay hence the SIDE HUSTLES. I decided to check my checking account for my main side hustle job which is Amazon Flexx and was shocked at how much money I’ve lived of in San Diego the first part of 2018.

Here are my results: $10,117.00 Taxes paid later.

Cost of living San Diego, whats it is like living in San diegoCost of living in San Diego, What its like to live in San Diego,

I travel with another job to various cities and also if you do a search you will hear in forums about how, “expensive” it is to live in San Diego.  But based on how much I have made so far I have, “survived” living in such an expensive city! I will give you the break down of my other bills and  what its like to live in San Diego cheaply!

My Monthly Bills

RentUtiltiesCarGasGroceriesDebtMandatory Bills

Cost of Living in San Diego My Bills

  • Rent I have a roommate….( Highly Suggested and Highly Acceptable)
  • Utilities include Internet,Electric and Cell Phone
  • Gas currently is $3.59/Gallon YES it’s that expensive!
  • I only have to feed myself
  • Debt: Personal Bills that I’m paying Minimum payments

Please note above and emphasis on SURVIVING! What is it like to live in San Diego on this hustle side Gig economy it is the STRUGGLE! I do not recommend anyone who is trying to move to San Diego and think they can do side hustles as a source of primary income.  The only reason I am able to do this is, I have been living in San Diego since 2002. I have networks, for example, my roommate is my friend and she does not live here. So basically I have the place to my self.  I also know how to enjoy San Diego cheaply!   I also would like to mention that my accidental case study was the first part of the year.  I also work another job which is project based that pays me significantly more.  That’s when I am able to catch up on unexpected expenses like auto maintenance, parking tickets( which should be budgeted for here in San Diego), any extra bills that are not part of my basic survival budget per above.

I was so intrigued by this that I decided to poll my Amazon SanDiego Facebook group about if GIG economy their primary income….here’s the results:

What its  like to live in San Diego with GIG income as primary income

I also tend to ask all my Lyft drivers if GIG work is their primary source of income and surprisingly it’s usually 50/50. As you can see if GIG economy is primary income you have a roommate or shared expenses with someone else! There’s no WAY you can afford to live in San Diego without a roommate with GIG income as primary income.  I would like to note that you can find rental places living alone for what I am paying. However; if you are new to San Diego, you may take the quickest mode of transportation back to the city where your from with what $800.00 affords you renting your own place here in San Diego. Heres what the group had to say about what it is like to live in San Diego in the GIG economy.

Cost of living in San Diego, What it is like to live in San Diego, Living in San Diego

As you can see from the messages and the poll, there are many ways that people are managing the cost of living in San Diego. They are either having alternative housing situations or supplementing their primary income with side GIGS. The other takeaways on what it is like to live in San Diego just on side GIG jobs it is not comfortable.

If you are considering moving to SanDiego you may want to check this Cost of Living Calculator.

If you have other questions and need help with your relocation to San Diego complete this form to start your relocation process in a cost-effective way!


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