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Moving to a New City or Moving to a New State When Should you Move?

Moving to a New City or Moving to a New State When Should you Move?
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Thinking about Moving to a New City? Or Making a Bigger Leap and Moving to a New State?

I am a big believer that the environment that you live in can either help you bloom to the best version of you or you can wither away to complacency and comfort of the same environment. Moving to a new city or moving to a new state is not easy.  Change is uncomfortable but if you are stagnating in your environment moving to a new state may be what is best for your well being.  Everybody thrives in different environments.

I talked to my friend who recently made the decision of moving to a new state.  He moved from San Diego, CA to Nashville, TN. I could not wait to ask him all about the details and his decision on moving from,”Americas Finest City.”

He told me five years ago he visited Nashville, TN.  He’s a country music lover and Nashville is the mecca, of country music.  He said once he explored Nashville he loved how green Nashville was, he loved the music and the people. He knew instantly he wanted to live in Nashville, TN.

Well,  he went back to life and San Diego.  It’s easy to deny to your self and think that moving to a new city is just a fantasy. It took him 5 years from his first visit until he actually made the decision to move! Once he made the decision it took him a few months to make it happen. Here is how he did it.

  • One he contacted a previous employer he knew his old position was a remote work position and he can work anywhere.  A remote position is something to consider if you are thinking of moving to a new city or moving to a new state.

 A lot of companies hire for remote work and if you are serious about moving to another state you need to start thinking outside the box and maybe even ask your company if they would consider our position to be remote workmoving to a new city, moving to a new state, moving to san diego, things to do in san diego, san diego vacations, best neighborhoods in san diego, safest neighborhoods in san diego, moving to a new state, moving to a new state alone, San Diego neighborhoods, san diego places to visit, best places to live in san diego, where to stay in san diego, where to live in san diego, moving to San Diego tips, moving to san diego home, moving to san diego real estates, moving to san diego home

  • He visited a few months in advance and did some networking and discovered someone who would help him find a place to live.

Well, I dug in deeper to his psychology of why he moved.  These were the signs that he knew it was time to move to a new city.

  1. He felt he did not have authentic friend connections or grew apart from his connections in San Diego.
  2. He felt like he was existing in San Diego just going through the day to day motions of living.
  3. He could not get the idea of moving to a new city out of his mind, the new city is Nashville, TN.
  4. He took a weekend to go back to Nashville, TN to see if he still loved it. He did so he went into action immediately.

I happened to be working in Nashville, TN and met up with him. At this time he had been living there for about 4 months.  He indicated that once he moved there he felt like a renewed person! He felt happy and was involved in community services.  He was meeting authentic friendships.  He loved it! He indicated that he wished he moved sooner.

I asked him how he knew where to look to live.  He indicated that the weekend he visited earlier in the year, he went to an AA group, he met people there that introduced him to a Realtor.  The Realtor sent him properties available to rent as a favor to the friend that referred my friend.  He indicated that the Realtor said he does not look for rental properties for people. I asked him if he did not have that one person how would he have knows where to live?  He said it would have been difficult to know where to even start looking.

I sat back in my chair and thought about people that are thinking about moving to San Diego or moving to Southern California.  I smiled at the thought of VisitMyPad providing that one person to help people who are wanting to move to San Diego and blossom to there full potential.  If you have found this article reach out below and learn how our services can help with your move to San Diego! The alternative is trying to find a realtor who will help you, but that is a big task when you have VisitMyPad that will absolutely help with your relocation to San Diego.

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