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You want to Move to San Diego? Answer this question first!

You want to Move to San Diego? Answer this question first!
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So you want to Move to San Diego?

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Thinking about your move to San Diego.

You may be asking your self ….how to move to SanDiego? The answer to this question is within yourself. You don’t need to online search, but since you did here you are. Is your dream and desire to move to SanDiego bigger than your fear of change? Once you can answer that question, then you can get ready to move to SanDiego. You may still be asking but, “ how”? Where there’s a WILL aka “Dream and Desire” there’s a way.

I will tell you my story. I grew up in Tucson, AZ. For one of my early 20s birthdays, my friend and I went to LA to celebrate. That weekend my C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A dream began! I realized I wanted to move out of Tucson, AZ it was a small town, and I had outgrown that city. At that time I was newly divorced, and my daughter was four years old. I worked as an assistant manager at a bank.

I discussed my plans with my family and my daughter’s father, and of course, they all were not supportive. I dropped the subject about my move to San Diego; however, that’s when I came to answer the question above. I had to respond to myself, was my desire to move to San Diego more significant than my fear of moving my daughter and myself to California? The answer was YES!


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Moving Tips to California

I began to formulate my; How to move to San Diego plan.

I started researching my bank, job openings. I realized there were a plethora of bank jobs. So that part was done. Second I started looking into my network and realized that I had one girl that I had met at the bank in Tucson, AZ that moved to San Diego. I contacted her and started grilling her with questions. ( I will pause here for a second) You may be saying to yourself I don’t know ONE person in San Diego! Guess what your wrong…you do right now as you are reading this! VisitMyPad provides that PERSON for you!

During my discussion with the girl, she invited me to San Diego to visit. I took her up on her offer. I explored the city…in a social manner, not neighborhoods. I liked San Diego, but at that time I wanted to move to LA. Needless to say, she was a single mom, I was a single mom she encouraged me to move to San Diego so that we can be roommates. This process was about a year from the time I visited LA and told my family about my desire to move to San Diego.

So I had my plan, I was going to transfer to my bank which would allow me to move to San Diego. I would live with her for about a year and then move to LA. It would be easier to find a place from San Diego to LA vs. Tucson to LA. With those details lined up next came the HUSTLE.

The HUSTLE aka save money was the second part of my plan for my MOVE to San Diego. I have some ideas for you if you want to read on how you can save for your move to San Diego. In a nutshell, I saved my money cut out extra expenses did not have any social life just worked and saved money. Also, I suggest you the Penny Hoarder out they have plenty of ideas for side hustles.

To anyone reading this. In the years the early 2000s we did not have Lyft, Uber or much of a gig economy. Therefore anyone reading this that wants to move to San Diego but can’t save money to move, your desire is not that strong because TODAY there’s so many ways to make extra money!

In 2002 I started interviewing for positions. I got a job within my company and transferred making an Annual SALARY of $32,000.00, YES you read that right! Let me tell you that salary was the struggle living here in San Diego. I did have a roommate, so I would not have been able to afford to live in San Diego with that salary on my own.

The total time it took from Dream and Desire to move to San Diego took around two years from when I actually moved to San Diego. The first year I had to research and formulate a plan. The second year I budgeted and saved money to make my move to San Diego.

I will have to say that having One PERSON here that I knew was very helpful. That’s what VisitMyPad provides to you with its Personal Assistant Moving Services.

Moving to San Diego with my daughter was not easy the first several years! It was hard. I had to find a school and after-school child care. I had no one to watch her if I ever wanted to do anything social the first couple years I lived here. I had no family. My one “friend “ that I lived with when I first moved here turned out to be a disaster, and I ended up having to find a place for just me and my daughter within nine months of moving to San Diego.

The  Reality of cost of living in San Diego

It was HARD adjusting to moving to San Diego and the cost of living and being a single mom. Guess what though…I HUSTLED and worked harder because when I had to look for places…with a salary of $32,000.00 oh lord! I seriously saw some Questionable areas of San Diego and thought I couldn’t afford to live in San Diego. The areas that I could afford were not safe neighborhoods; I seriously thought I was going to move back to Tucson, AZ. That thought and idea of running back to Tucson, AZ gave me despair and depression. So I rose up to the challenge and started looking for other jobs. I stayed in the banking industry but switched banks and received a higher salary. Moving to San Diego from a small town makes you grow as a person, challenges your character.

If your desires and dreams to move to San Diego are bigger then your fears you will make it happen! I have talked to several people that moved to San Diego from other cities, and we all have stories of struggle in the beginning, but we all rose up to the challenge and have never regretted the decision of moving to San Diego. I also never moved to LA.


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