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Reasons Why We Love Best Neighborhoods In San Diego For Families.

Reasons Why We Love Best Neighborhoods In San Diego For Families.
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A Couple of Best Neighborhoods in San Diego for Families

Carmel Mountain Ranch

This neighborhood is considered a best neighborhood to live in San Diego for families and it does not disappoint with visual views! I love getting to visit various neighborhoods in Americas finest city. I understand that there are different budgets and lifestyle standards. This neighborhood falls into the higher cost of living area.Let’s get into it. I would like to disclose that this is written of pure opinion. I am not a Real Estate Agent, I give opinions on neighborhoods based on visual appeal, distance to places and general living in San Diego.

Carmel Mountain is definitely not a central neighborhood in San Diego.  It is located East of Interstate 5 near Del Mar. That means it’s a drive to Downtown or the airport. It does have a few close beaches nearby. Close meaning less than a 30-minute drive depending on the area. This neighborhood is a classy suburbia. This neighborhood does not have any questionable areas. It is a beautiful bubble you can read more on this great site NextDoor . Being in that area makes me want to get married and have kids. Seriously basketball hoop down every street more like every other house at least. All the cool houses have basketball hoops.  No, actually it makes me want to be a kid again and grow up in those neighborhoods!

Let’s get into the neighborhood vibe. Driving around I realized that the ethnicity population was Caucasian, Asian, and Indian. The reason for that may be the companies nearby. For example, where I visited today, Intuit company was a walking distance from the various neighborhoods I visited. Qualcomm another company is in Miramar area which is a decent drive 15 minutes from Carmel Mountain area with no traffic. What I have seen in these neighborhoods is that people of different ethnic backgrounds may have multi-generations living in one house. I also noticed amazing parks and evening walks around the neighborhoods. I get the diverse feel (Asians and Indians) living in that area.

Honestly, here’s the situation all these San Diego’s Best neighborhoods in San Diego for families, these neighborhoods Carmel Valley, Carmel Ranch and Del Mar… you drive into them or through them and may not even realize yours in a different neighborhood. You know you’re in Del Mar because its closest to the beach.  There are signs to exit freeways signs for Carmel Moutain Rd and Carmel Valley and honestly, it gets confusing. I personally clump those neighborhoods together. However; the real estate values differ. VisitMyPad focuses on rental properties not Real Estate purchases we leave those details for the Real Estate Professionals.  We do take note of Real Estate agents who manage rental properties in those neighborhoods.

Shopping and Entertainment

It’s not close to any malls it has boutiques and large shopping complexes. For example, in Del Mar you have Del Mar Highlands Torrey Center which has grocery stores Ralphs, restaurants, boutiques but most important it has Cinepolis Luxury Cinema.   The other large luxury shopping complex in this neighborhood is called Pacific Highlands it has a gym, Trader Joes, restaurants and it has a popular  MedSpa of San Diego Revive Salon and Spa.  You can’t live in Carmel Mountain without Botox and Bubbly readily available.

Another notable entertainment place for families to hang out is The Bay Club Carmel Valley.  I had the pleasure of hanging out at this posh club with my friends family who used lifestyle points to let me into this exclusive club.  I was very impressed with the Bay Club they offer so many activities for all members of the family. They have childcare, various exercise classes such as Yoga. They have lounges and cabanas all over the place. They have a pool and a family cafeteria and an adult only restaurant. It really was such a fun cool family vibe place.  If I was a stay at home housewife of Carmel Mountain I would be living the Bay Club life with my kids.

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