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Gaslamp Quarter San Diego Perspective From a Local

Gaslamp Quarter San Diego Perspective From a Local
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Gaslamp Quarter San Diego

Nothing like appreciating Gaslamp Quarter San Diego after you recently visit Downtown Los Angeles and stay for the week.

The coveted Gaslamp Quarter which is the heart of Downtown San Diego is so attractive because it has such an array of sites to see and activities to enjoy. The convention center is a street light away from the iconic Gaslamp sign. With all the conventions going on, this area is always bustling with action. If you are thinking about moving to San Diego, Downtown has a few neighborhoods that are trendy to choose from if you want to rent and live in this area.

Some of these San Deigo neighborhoods are Little Italy, East Village, Cortez Hill, Marina, and Columbia. Gaslamp is also extremely clean and aesthetically appealing when you consider it’s the second largest city in California. Driving around here is leisurely, I would borderline consider it is cruising.

Parking and Getting around in Gaslamp San Diego

Parking, of course, it’s always the hunt for parking, and pretty much all streets have metered parking. A heads up about that is most metered parking is two hours, which is ridiculous because you don’t come to Gaslamp for two hours. Garage parking usually takes credit debit cards. I would have to say I appreciated this after being in downtown LA and all parking garages pretty much-accepted cash only. If you choose to make this area your home be sure you have your parking spot figured out.  If you are moving because of a job offer be sure to ask if parking is included in your new place of work. Monthly parking fees can start at around $150 a month.

So getting around downtown, of course, you can walk to anything see walkability score below. There’s a plethora of Lyft and Uber. Your ride share is there within minutes after you request one. Also your welcome in advance…check out the Freeride check out our YouTube to see what it is! They have an app you have to keep checking it within 45 minutes of where ever you want your next destination. They do not have that many carts, so it’s not like Lyft or Uber with a transportation everywhere, but the service is free. Lastly, if you watch our video, you’ll have noticed the petty cabs. Ok so be sure to ask them before you get a ride how much the cost is PER PERSON!

The vibe in Gaslamp Quarter San Diego is relaxed and happy. The energy overall as you stroll or drive through the area is happy. If work sent you from out of town, you are happy. If you live in Gaslamp, you are happy. If your visiting for a vacation you are happy.

I am discussing this because I was in downtown LA and also NYC all within six weeks recently. I was taking in the vibes of these cities. Gaslamp does not have random honking all day, no bustling people, frustrated people I could go on and on. Cities have vibes and energies, and San Diego is relaxed and happy.

You can enjoy so much of San Diego in this area. You have an array of restaurants to choose from where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have many choices all within walking distance. Check our Scorecard below for more details. You are near tourist spots like Seaport Village where you can enjoy small shops and a beautiful harbor view. With the Waterfront Park being so close you can enjoy a leisure walk, enjoy the water park which consists of water fountains that kids love to play in! Or they host various events: various food and beverage, yoga and the host the Cross Festival which runs in spring in fall. Watch our YouTube below for the drive and activities you can enjoy!

There’s plenty of activities whether you’re coming with the family a trip with friends or a romantic getaway. This area is a singles scene if you live here or well-off retired couple that enjoys city life scene. I would not say this is the place to rent or buy if you have kids. I’ve seen shows or are aware that plenty of people with kids live in NYC, well they are rich and NYC and is full of culture. I would say that the Gaslamp is not “cultured” per se regarding tons of museums and art galleries.

Renting Properties in Gaslamp

Renting in Gaslamp, since it is an attractive place to live of course it’s expensive to rent in this area. I would say the least expensive area is Cortez Hill and you may also look at Bankers Hill which is not considered Downtown but the adjacent neighborhood. A lot of the singles that live in Gaslamp have roommates. Well, a lot of singles in San Diego have roommates it’s not just limited to Gaslamp.

East Village is an attractive area to rent in because PETCO park is at the center of this neighborhood. Another area that I suggest you take heed is that San Diego Downtown are is where you will see some of the cities homeless problem. You will find homeless camps more towards outskirts of EastVillage.

Numerous rental properties developments are being built downtown. Of course, they all put there best amenities forward if you are from out of town you have choices. Don’t just select one development to discover what is suited for you with VisitMyPad Personal assistant moving services. We also network with Realtors that manage rental properties throughout downtown. VisitMyPad can be your ultimate guide to moving San Diego, Gaslamp.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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