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Winter Holidays Activities in San Diego

Winter Holidays Activities in San Diego
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Winter Holidays Activities in San Diego

Activities in San Diego and while this city is known for our perfect weather. To be honest though during the holidays sometimes that perfect weather takes away the holiday spirit. For example this 2017 Thanksgiving it was 90 degrees out! I’m talking lay out by the pool and eat your turkey dinner weather. There’s something to be said about having some cold weather and being cozy with family and loved ones during holiday times.

Our warm weather really cuts into our Holiday activities in San Diego. We literally have four weeks of the month in December that we rally with holiday activities in San Diego sun and all! To begin all the various neighborhoods throughout San Diego typically have some parade or tree lighting ceremony. That’s just a neighborhood activity. For San Diego, the community to come together with the most prominent tree and tradition of Balboa Park December Nights starts on December first.
This holiday tradition is an event that brings on the holiday spirit with Balboa Park beautifully decorated for the holidays.

What does that also mean TRAFFIC to kill your holiday spirit! Suggestions, find friends that live near Balboa Park then you can walk over. Catch a shuttle near Balboa Park and shuttle in( highly recommended) if you drive yourself it’s a nightmare. If you decide rideshare, you can at some point of waiting to decide to get out and walk the rest. Traffic is crazy for this event.

Activities in San Diego

Another San Diego tradition is the Bay of Lights. I like this event because traffic is not as crazy and its fun to see how all the different boats decorate for the holidays. Please note Boats not Yachts which makes it quaint and makes you want to purchase a dinghy boat your self!

This year I am excited to check out Coronado Islands holiday festivities.  They have an annual parade which is in the middle of the week, Thursday, occurring 3-9 p.m. on Dec. 6. Festivities kick off with Santa Claus’ arrival by ferryboat (3:20 p.m.), followed by frosty fun on Snow Mountain (until 7 p.m.) and carolers at the Coronado Ferry Landing. Admission is free. Other highlights include a popular Holiday Parade (6 p.m.) and Merchants Open House (5-9 p.m.) down Orange Avenue, a traditional Christmas tree lighting (7 p.m.) and community band concert in Rotary Park.

I will use Coronado Island as an example of there soo many activities throughout San Diego and so little time.  Check out this link on what all Coronado Island has going on for the month.

These are some examples as to why the holiday season flies by in December. I just mentioned a few San Diego Traditions. These traditions are also FREE. You still have personal friends holidays parties. Your own neighborhood tree lighting also parades. Next thing you know its Christmas! You have three weekends  to pack in holiday activities. San Diego Zoo and Sea World also decorate for the holidays.

As you can probably see San Diego does not run short of Holiday festivities even with the w.a rm weather.You can not get to all the events because a lot of them have there tree lighting ceremonies and parades the first weekend in Decemeber.

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