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Best Neighborhoods in San Diego Metro Area. Check out NorthPark!

Best Neighborhoods in San Diego Metro Area. Check out NorthPark!
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Best Neighborhoods in San Diego

One of the best neighborhoods in San Diego is  Northpark. Living in this neighborhood is such a treat because weekends come around and you have so many choices on how to start your day. Do you walk to go to a bakery such as Black Market Bakery? Or perhaps you want to meet some friends at the Breakfast Republic. Maybe you want to start your day with some fit activity like going to a boot camp class or enjoy Balboa Park, or any of the fit clubs like Yoga, Pilates or cross fit.

Towards the evening hours you have choices of  Wine bars, restaurants, breweries, these are a few of my favorite things about NorthPark and all within walking distance. This neighborhood does not fall short on things to do. It’s also affordable to live in and centrally located in San Diego.

Parking in NorthPark

Some things about NorthPark it’s known to be called NoPark. Why is that? Because if you live here or visit here, you have to find street parking typically. When you do find a venue that has a small parking lot that’s always a plus. If you are looking to move to San Diego; you want to discuss parking. Places in North Park may or may not offer parking spots. Parking spots here are a premium item that will increase rent. If you do not get a parking spot, then you will have to park on the street. That is a pain especially peak times at night after work. If you don’t have a parking spot and leave at night, you may have to park several blocks away from where you live just for a parking spot. Also be sure to have a parking ticket budget. You will def get a few parking tickets a year. There’s street sweeping that you forgot about or you parked in Yellow or various choices you made the night before all to get a decent parking spot. NoPark San Diego deserved this whole information that’s how vital parking is if you choose to move to San Diego and select NorthPark San Diego as your neighborhood.

Getting around in NorthPark

Typically if you live in San Diego you need a vehicle.  However, living in one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego,  NorthPark could be an exception here’s why.  First of all, you can walk to so many things like the grocery store, restaurants, laundromat, hardware store etc.  If you choose not to walk, there’s plenty of bus lines that come around frequently.  Lastly, we have Lyft, and Uber ride shares.  When you order a rideshare they get there typically less than 5 minutes, the rideshare market is saturated in this neighborhood.

NorthPark Residents Loves Dogs

The other neighborhood info, NorthPark residents love dogs! There are dogs everywhere, guess what else there is dog waste everywhere! Unfortunately, no one picks up after there dog. Most of NorthPark doesn’t have those dog waste stations like other San Diego neighborhoods like Little Italy. They love dogs too, but that community manages to have liter stations, so you don’t see neglect dog waste on sidewalk areas as you see in North Park.

The overall vibe in this neighborhood is relaxed NorthPark is known as a hipster neighborhood.  Lastly, while NorthPark is a San Diego trendy neighborhood to live in.  which is why this is why this is one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego. There’s a trendy area in North Park and the wrong area of NorthPark. Also, the rental property varies with rental upgrades like washer drawer in the unit or parking spaces, etc. Which is why you want to use a service that VisitMyPad provides with the live video visit if you are out of town and can’t make the rental appointment. VisitMyPad checks out the rental property and makes sure it’s on the trendy and safe side of NorthPark. We also give you an overall opinion of the North Park property rental your debating on renting and learning if it fits your needs![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Neighborhood Details

Score is 1 to 5 with 5 beign the highestScore
Ride Share and Public Transportation5
Day Activities5
Night Acitivities4
Stores and Business4
Commute and Freeway Access4
Overall Moving to San Diego Neighborhood Experience4

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NorthPark San Diego

Exploring Northpark



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