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San Diego Affordable Beach Community is Imperial Beach

San Diego Affordable Beach Community is Imperial Beach
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San Diego Affordable Beach Community

San Diego affordable Beach Community to live in I’ve got to say is Imperial Beach.  This San Diego Neighborhood is an underrated San Diego beach community. The reason for that, in my opinion, is because it is so far down south in San Diego. Imperial beach is almost near the Mexico border. Because of the distance, it’s quite the drive into San Diego, and if you have to work in the city, it’s a grit teeth commute during the week.

Living in San Diego for over 15 years, and with so many things to do Imperial Beach was not on my top” to hang out” list. Boy, was I surprised what I discovered when I finally hung out there.


Driving to Imperial Beach

Driving to Imperial Beach is the opposite way.  You take the 805 S and exit Palm Avenue.  It’s a different scene compared to driving to other popular beaches traffic can get backed up on the Freeways and you know everyone is heading to the beach.  If you get caught in traffic driving to Imperial Beach its because people are heading to Tijuana not Imperial Beach.  It’s a strand to get in similar to Coronado Island but you do not go over a bridge.  Parking was easy! I think that’s a major factor as to why I consider this an underrated beach community.

San Diego Affordable Beach Community is Imperial Beach

It is a clean area, and the beach area is not as congested with traffic, people, cars, etc. San Diego boasts several of the top beaches in the country with its 70 miles of beaches. There are many San Diego beaches communities like Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla to choose to live or visit. I think people just don’t think to visit Imperial Beach unless you live in South San Diego.

If you are looking for a peaceful, clean time to hang out at the beach, I would recommend this beach. If you are looking to get a little more excitement, I suggest you come out on Fridays. That is when the Imperial Beach Farmers Market is open. This Farmers Market does not offer as many vendors as other farmers markets, but it offers more food selections to Imperial Beach on a Friday, if you’re trying to have a fun, peaceful day at the beach with great food steps away.

Based on Crime Statistics these are the best areas to live in:



Neighborhood Details

Score is 1 to 5 with 5 beign the highestScore
RideShare Wait &Public Transprotation2
Day Activities2
Night Acitivities2
Stores and Business2
Commute and Freeway Access2
Overall Moving to San Diego Neighborhood Experience3

Reasons for Scores

  • Walk-ability to the beach is great. Walk-ability to the grocery store, restaurants other such places. There’s not much around so it would still be better to drive to those things.
  •  Imperial beach has community parks but what is the Park Factor is that it has the Tijuana River National Estuary. This park is not in Tijuana, but that’s how close Imperial Beach is to Tijuana.
  • Safety during the day it seems very chill.  I have not been to this area at night, but you can read more about the safety reports here.
  • Rideshare and Public Transportation you will have to schedule accordingly to as theirs not an influx of rideshare vehicles around.
  • The day activities are the Tijuana River National  Estuary, and Imperial Beach  Coronado Brewing Company.
  • Night activities theirs not much but local bars.
  • Parking  is not a challenge, and it’s not metered street parking.
  • Commute and Freeway Access as mentioned in the article.  Commuting from Imperial Beach to go into San Diego is time-consuming and getting in and out takes time.
  • Overall San Diego Experience if your looking to live by the beach and not pay an arm and leg this area will work.  If you want to be closer to San Diego and be in action Imperial Beach is not your community.
  • Imperial Beach Charter School
    650 Imperial Beach Boulevard, Imperial Beach, CA 91932
  • Oneonta Elementary School                                                                                1311 Tenth Street, Imperial Beach, CA 91932
  • Bayside Elementary School                                                                     490 Emory Street, Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Imperial Beach is Part of South Bay Union School District


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