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One of the Best Neighborhoods to live in San Diego is Hillcrest

One of the Best Neighborhoods to live in San Diego is Hillcrest
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One of the Best Neighborhoods to live in SanDiego is Hillcrest

One of the best neighborhoods to live in SanDiego and to consider moving to is  Hillcrest, San Diego.  If you are considering moving to San Diego this neighborhoods vibe is trendy. It has many coffee shops and diverse restaurants all within walking distance of where you live.

In researching for this post, I came across this article.  Hillcrest, SanDiego is rated one of the “7 Best Town in California for LGBT Families. I must say I am not surprised. If you are thinking of moving to SanDiego, Hillcrest is a notable neighborhood to research on moving to. One of the reasons this is one of many best neighborhoods to live in SanDiego is because it is located centrally in SanDiego.  It’s  a well kept, lively and active SanDiego Neighborhood. Just because it’s a gayborhood doesn’t mean that it’s just all LGBT enjoying the many restaurants, farmers markets, and events that are available in Hillcrest, San Diego.

Reasons why this a Best Neighborhood to Live in San Diego:

I consider this one of the best neighborhoods  to live in San Diego because,  Honey  the LGBT take pride in ownership of their homes! They are meticulous with their decorating and well-kept yards. Now regarding the night life.  It seems like there is a handful of “hot” clubs.  The times that I have gone, it’s the same people at the same spot! I’ve also heard from the girls( my gay guy friends) that “Hillcrest is tired” Read below more on this SanDiego trendy neighborhood.

Neighborhood Details

Score is 1 to 5 with 5 beign the highestScore
RideShare Wait &Public Transprotation5
Day Activities4
Night Acitivities3
Stores and Business4
Commute and Freeway Access5
Overall Moving to San Diego Trendy Neighborhood Experience and Visual Appeal of the Neighborood4

Reasons for Scores

  • Walkability you can walk to anything you need and want to do in this neighborhood. Walk to shop at boutiques, walk to grocery shop, walk to a restaurant, walk, walk, walk and get to what you want easily!
  •  BALBOA Park borders parts of the neighborhood. You can walk to Balboa Park!
  • Ride share and Public Transportation available within minutes of walking or minutes of requesting rides.
  • Highly suggest a parking spot of your own in Hillcrest.  If you do not have an assigned parking spot be prepared for parking tickets and frustration looking for parking!
  • Plenty of Boutiques, Stores and Unique Business’
  • Access to the 163 which connects quickly to Freeway 8. Freeways 8 and 5 access nearby as well.

Hillcrest, San Diego falls under the San Diego Unified School District.

Find which schools are in your neighborhood here.

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Top Three HillCrest, San Diego Night Clubs/Restaurants

  • Richs San Diego is the largest and most popular gay nightclub. The vibe is great and when you drive by at night it’s like it’s saying come HITHER!
  • BaJa Bettys I love this spot because of the ambiance and it’s inviting to the straight folks too! The food is amazing they have great drink specials and they have a shuttle that takes you to various hot spots in Hillcrest, San Diego.
  • GossipGrill they are open day and night and have great food specials.  The setting is great because it’s inside and outside.  In addition the outside I love because it has plants all over giving it a tropical shaded theme.  There drink names are witty you’ll get a laugh when you read them! Gossip Grill also hosts Souleil event a Sunday Party during the summer that lasts until night!

These were my top choices of many and an honorable mention is Mo’s. The reason for these top Three Choices is because of location and you can walk to all of them and check all three out they are all within minutes of each other;however, please read this for a detailed San Diego City Voter List!

Another activity that Hillcrest is known for is the Hillcrest Farmers Market it’s open rain or shine every Sunday and is located between Univerisity Avenue and Lincoln Street.  Insider tip, walk if you can do not drive looking for parking is a headache!  

Check out our VisitMyPad YouTube channel we explore this neighborhood!

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