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Advice on moving to a New City Rental Property Scam Alert

Advice on moving to a New City Rental Property Scam Alert
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Advice on moving to a New City Rental Property Scam Alert


Moving to a new city, be diligent in your research! Sorry to break this to you but some people in this world have no problem in scamming you out of your money and your dreams!

Picture this you have a dream of moving to a new city, for example moving to California, and you’ve been saving your money. You may not have a complete plan, but you have around 3k to 5k in savings.  You are desperate to move to  San Diego for example school is starting. Perhaps you’ve been offered a job but have not found a rental property in San Diego.  The San Diego rental properties that you’ve found aren’t calling you back. You’re realizing that property managements companies will not lease to you without a job even if you are a student. You decide that going through a private owner versus a property management company may be more flexible in contract terms without a job. You finally get an email response does it look like this?

moving to a new city


Well, guess what it’s a scam! Here’s the hustle.  Beautiful San Diego rental property pictures…. lots of pictures, cheap rent. Your google street view and theres the property.  Now, this person replies to you and emails you saying they are out of town. They indicate you can apply online.  You send your personal information. They approve you talking about you need to send in your money. They will mail you the keys, but they need a wire or western union from you first for your rent and whatever other details like security deposits, etc.

Our company may have helped an individual. He was moving from Ohio to start school in a week. He was desperate and stressed because he was due in San Diego in one week to start college. He had no place to live or a job just money he had saved. He was getting financial aid awarded.  VisitMyPad had discussed the services we provided about live video visit into potential any San Diego property rentals or SoCal property rentals. This service is for verification that the  San Diego property rentals or SoCal property rentals are legit and not a scam. VisitMyPad verifies with you live via video visit that the San Diego property rental or SoCal Property rental meets your living standards and the pictures represent what you need of a  property rental.

The student did not to use VisitMyPad for its services. We called him just to see if he found a place VisitMyPad likes to follow up with potential clients. He told VisitMyPad he found a place that the owners were out of town   ( just as the email above shows). They were going to rent the place to him for 4 months. Since he doesn’t have a job, they will need all 4 months rent paid upfront.  They sent him paperwork and said to send it back and wire $4000.00 the rent for four months. Once “their lawyer approves the paperwork they would mail him keys.”  Well, VisitMyPad decided to use the address he was given as his potential new home as the Free Demo.

We went to the location video conferenced the student in and it was just as the pictures showed. The student also went on to google street view, and it was the place of the pictures.  Our company is a concierge service that works for you, so we knocked on the door. A person from another unit came out.  That person happened to be the owner of all the units and confirmed that the student got scammed they were his San Diego property places, and the location of the property advertised was not available to rent. He did not know who the names that VisitMyPad gave him as tenant and owner of the property. The student wired the money on Saturday.  VisitMyPad could have helped him prevent being scammed.  Had he used VistMyPad before sending any money he would have discovered he was being scammed.

This is real folks here’s another link for you to read up about scams!  Work with VisitMyPad the price is worth the peace of mind. Our company is affordable and can help prevent to help you not get scammed moving to San Diego or California.

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