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Top Tips on Moving to San Diego on a Budget!

Top Tips on Moving to San Diego on a Budget!
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Frugal Tips on Moving to SanDiego on a Budget

You are thinking of  moving to SanDiego, but your bank account is saying, “really, with what money?!” Let’s define that title, “Moving to SanDiego on a Budget.” That definition is the following: you want to move to San Diego without a job and will look for one upon arrival. Another meaning for, “Moving to San Diego on a Budget,” is transferring to a company that is not paying relocation costs. Your annual income is less than 40k a year.  Another definition may be you are a student attending one of the many Universities in San Diego. That defines moving to SanDiego on a budget. Here are top five tips on Moving to SanDiego on a budget.

Moving To San Diego

You need to have minimum 3k- 5k saved up especially if you’re moving to San Diego with a job. This amount will cover your moving costs, security deposits. If you don’t have a job, you want to look towards saving more around  5k and up. You might emphasize the word might be able to rent a place on your own. You may have to give more upfront costs like first and last months rent in addition to security deposit. A few months rent and security deposit could be covered 5k and up. That amount I am mentioning is just for living costs once you arrive.  The amounts I am mentioning does not include moving anything besides your clothes or if you arrive in San Diego with clothes in your car that you drove from your previous city.

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Consider looking for a roommate when on your research on moving to SanDiego instead of seeking to rent a place on your own. Living in SanDiego is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. You will need to adjust to the various cost of living increases, moving in with a roommate can be helpful if you are on a budget. Also if you don’t have a job and looking to find one once here, this may be the best way to go. Most landlords will not lease out a San Diego rental property without a job. I have heard on occasions of that happening but usually, a person pays upfront months in advance rent. That is also a way for you to get scammed out of money if you are out of town and trying to make an agreement like that read more here on that SCAM. VisitMyPad offers various service where you can get peace of mind on the roommate route or you may decide to live video visit and verify a place before you wire any money for upfront rent!

Consider becoming a Lyft or Uber driver when you arrive in San Diego. First of all, you won’t know that many people when you move to San Diego. Being a Lyft or Uber Driver is an excellent way to make friends and get to know how to navigate in San Diego all while getting paid and appreciated by your new found friends. Go here for a bonus to being a Lyft Driver within your first 30 days of being a Lyft driver in San Diego.



VisitMyPad offers a personal assistant moving service for out of town renters looking to relocate to San Diego! Our services can save you money by you not having to fly out in advance to San Diego to check out potential neighborhoods. You can find rental places and have your personal assistant live video visit your rental property with you or advise you on neighborhoods.  There’s an array of services depending on your budget!




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