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If You Read One Article About Moving to San Diego Tips Read This One!

If You Read  One Article About  Moving to San Diego Tips  Read This One!
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Moving to San Diego Tips

So, you’re thinking of moving to San Diego? Congratulations! Whether you’re moving from the other side of the world or from another state,  living in San Diego can be unlike living anywhere else. To get ready for the big move here are some moving to San Diego tips directly from locals that you can use to get an idea of what it’s like living in this great city.

Things to Know

The weather is usually great – not too hot and not too cold. It’s famous for it’s pleasant and sunny weather year round. That being said, make sure to stay home if it starts to rain. Being so spoiled with such great weather, San Diego residents get very cranky, and the roads get pretty hairy on a rainy day.

Much of the city is full of tourists or people who have relocated to San Diego (like you!). Very few people are actually born and bred in San Diego itself. But San Diego is so great that most of the people who come to visit end up moving to San Diego or just never leave.

If you haven’t already found a place to live, make sure to shop around. That being said you want to look for places to rent within two weeks of you moving to San Diego. Places get leased quickly so if you find a place you have to act fast. It’s all about knowing the neighborhoods and VisitMyPad will video conference you live so you can take a video tour of any San Diego Apartment or San Diego Rental Home. Compared to the LA and Bay Area, the rent and mortgages in San Diego are surprisingly lower than those cities.

Things to Do

San Diego is the home of some great breweries, so take some time to try some great locally brewed beers, like AleSmith, Stone, Coronado, Karl Strauss, Green Flash, Ballast Point. After all, San Diego is number 3 on the Forbes best beer cities list, third only to Portland and San Francisco. There are even beer festivals in June and September that benefits cancer-fighting charities.

Gaslamp is a great historical destination that’s popular with tourists and locals alike. It’s a great place to go with friends and grab a few drinks on the town.

Mission Beach or Pacific Beach is a fun place to visit, but make sure you stay to the right! San Diego residents are huge on boardwalk etiquette as many bike riders and skateboarders share the boardwalk with you. If you’re a pedestrian on the sidewalk, stay out of the way and look out for Slo-Mo, a famous rollerblader who skates around in slow motion!

Keep checking back on this blog as we w be adding more moving to San Diego tips!

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