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Guide to Moving to San Diego in a Year!

Guide to Moving to San Diego in a Year!
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Guide to Moving to San Diego in a Year!

JANUARY – Time to VISUALIZE your life in C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A!

Make that vision board/ and or VISUAL REMINDER of your DREAM and DESIRE for that California life!

Set up a budget so you can save a minimum of 5k by end of the year 2019 if you are moving alone. Set up a savings account with ACH transfers so that it automatically transferred into your saving account.   Go to the bank and set up your” California” Savings Account. Have this account not be linked to your online mobile banking. Basically, its an account that does not exist.  This is the account that you will link to your ACH transfers twice a month to save a minimum of $415.00/month or two payments a month of $250.00

If you are already strapped to your maximum on your bills its time to think to re-evaluate some things.

  1. Everyone knows that California is more expensive so that means you need to step up your game. How bad do you want to make that move?
  2. Once you arrive in California you will need to adjust to the cost of living, so that means your budgeting and your hustle needs to be on point.  That’s what this guide to moving to San Diego is prepping you for. Hustle and Budget = Discipline for that CALI life.

Now that you have addressed those minimum January items time for the HUSTLE if you continue to pursue this dream and goal.


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Moving to San Diego


If you have not opened that account with automatic transfers then your already behind $500 behind to be exact. If you have not done so because you looked at your bills and were like, ” I do not have that money to save” then its time for the next step… GET A SECOND JOB!  Today you can side hustle like no other! Here’s my hustle list:

  • Lyft, Uber
  • Amazon Flexx
  • Grub Hub
  • Post Mates


If you have a hobby or talent I.E you are MUA  or your some web and code guru its time to start charging for your knowledge and talent! Do that as a side hustle.  The point is if your regular job pays the bills then you need another source of income.  That means put down your pride and hustle for the additional money you need to save!

The second objective for February is to start looking internally or within your industry of applicable job positions in California.  Check out what the requirements are to be hired.


MARCH –  California account should be opened with a balance of $1000.00

  • The second job should be retained if applicable.
  • You should be aware of what your company or your industries requirements are for moving to California (This is done so you know what you need to have done so you can apply for jobs in California…i.e certifications or fulfilling position requirements)

APRIL – Time to get hyped up

You’ve followed the steps to make your Moving to California a reality! April sounds early but it’s NOT! By the end of this month, you’ll have saved $2000.00 if you’ve stuck to the plan. It’s time to start researching your new life in CALIFORNIA!

  • What area Northern or Southern California
  • Where does your industry or what you want to do for a living does California offer the best opportunities?
  • Whats an affordable neighborhood ( that matters)  * I want to live on RODEO drive too but hey gotta be realistic!*

MAY – Time to ask for overtime to work 7 days a week!

You are moving and that’s it! You’re the almost halfway to your plan and its summer time.  People are enjoying vacations, and the weather is warmer.  ( I’m assuming this comment because I’m writing this from SoCal so it was a gorgeous day today) The reason why you need to work more over summer time is so you don’t spend your hard earned money during fun summer days. Just think to yourself that by end of the year you will be moving.

June –  Time to sign up for VisitMyPads Long Term Move Tips!

We don’t want you to be a victim of any rental property scams so be sure to sign up below.


Moving to San Diego Motivation!



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